Saturday, April 22, 2006

Unusual trip to Nandi hills

Nandi hills, it is 65 km away from Bangalore and a superb place to visit in night...

Few weeks back, we finished our regular weekend session in one of the Mysore road dhabha and we all friends about to go home and suddenly one of my friend said, I dont feel like going home and lets go somewhere, its mid-night (12:45 AM) and u all know in bangalore most of the places closes by 11:00 (read door closes n activities continue..) and question was where to go?

And then we decided to go to Nandi hills and reached that place by 3:30AM (it takes hardly 45 minutes to reach there, but we stopped at many places, so took more time), believe me it is a nice place to go in night, it is cool and u r 1455 mts above the sea level, interestingly it was also crowded with college folks and also there were some families with kids and all... we waited till morning 6 to get sun-rise view and then packed-off from that place and reached home by 7:30.

ha.. it is not advisable to go in night for families and it is safe only for people who go in group.

some photos:

click here for an enlarged view

click here for an enlarged view