Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Using subconscious mind!

Many times we do some things subconsciously. For example we will be thinking something but still we lock the house door and close the gate and start car and go to office. Etc...

So it means there is something which works without our consciousness, and I feel that is also faster because it doesn’t involve thinking...

Yesterday I discovered that we can also use this subconscious mind... You know how? Actually I didn’t use my Bank ATM card for almost two months and forgot my PIN number; I was standing in queue and was not able to remember PIN... Only 3 people next to me in queue... Now 2... Then 1... Hmmm now my turn but still I am with no PIN number... :(

Finally I got an idea... Many times we do things subconsciously... Including withdrawing money... like I will be talking over phone when I go to ATM... But I just go there, put card... then automatically I enter pin number, get money and come out... so I thought why not do the same and tried using my subconscious mind... I just went to machine... Put my card... Pressed some number automatically and it worked :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Funny Ze frank!

check this Video